Cameron Beattie

Managing Director

  • Cameron is the founder, majority shareholder and Managing Director of Conversant. His vision and direction is what makes Conversant the phone company you’ll love.  Cameron has a proven, successful approach to business, based on consulting with you to understand your business’ needs and then recommending a solution to suit you.
  • Cameron is passionate about taking the kinds of tools and processes large corporates use and making them appropriate and affordable for small and medium businesses – helping your organisation become more efficient, effective and profitable.
  • Trained in business and law, Cameron has a Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Law (Honours) degree from the University of Auckland.  From 1992, Cameron worked in business process re-engineering, change management and Enterprise Resource Planning throughout Europe, America and Australasia. This gave him substantial expertise in the tools and processes that make businesses more successful. 
  • Returning to New Zealand in 2004, he discovered our local businesses didn’t have the same opportunity to benefit from open source software or internet phone systems that equivalent companies have overseas.
  • Understanding how local businesses could thrive with the flexibility and lower cost of internet phone systems, Cameron founded Conversant.  The business is committed to offering an outstanding, proactive telephone service, providing ongoing advice and support as your business grows and changes. 
  • Beyond his mission to free businesses from the tyranny of the big telcos, Cameron is a dedicated family man who also likes to escape to the ski field or to a live concert when he has the opportunity. Although with Conversant’s internet phone system, he’s only ever a call away.