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“Ando Insurance is a fast-growing business and we needed a communications solution and a vendor that could adapt and change to our requirements. The Conversant system is easy to configure and has the full range of functionality we require. We’ve found the vendor support to be excellent and any requests are actioned quickly by the knowledgeable support team.” 

Mike Gardner
Chief Information Officer

Ando Insurance


“Ecotricity is a rapidly growing electricity retailer with the only carboNZero certified electricity supply in New Zealand and requires systems to be able to grow with us. The Conversant system provides scalability that is affordable and which we are able to dynamically manage ourselves online real-time.  The limited support we have required from Conversant has always been timely, concise and provided with a virtual smile.”

Mark Yates






"As a small dynamic company with multiple offices, we required a flexible, yet cost-effective, phone system. The Conversant phone system meets all our staff’s needs without breaking the bank. It has the added benefit of an easy-to-use management web interface for system changes and if needed, a fast and friendly support team. I would recommend Conversant to any company looking to improve revenue and efficacy."

Jason Young
ICT Manager



"Conversant saves our company both time and money by allowing our customers to contact the right person, first time. With extensions for all sales and admin staff from one direct number, there’s no more physically handing the phone around to the right person. The support desk is always helpful, and uses plain language. Support calls are tracked and I receive a notification when the subject has been resolved."

Claire Westcott Jones
Finance Director

Business Management Solutions


"Conversant’s systems have proved to be extremely reliable. Their support desk is efficient and effective, and promptly resolved the few issues we have experienced (virtually all within the first month as part of the initial set up)."

Mark Jacombs

Intech Software


"After trying two different VoIP providers with plenty of frustrations, we decided to give VoIP one last try with Conversant. The frustrations are gone, we couldn't be happier. We don't really think about phones anymore - it all just works."

Vince Frank




"FABULOUS.  Our entire office wanted to ditch VoIP and go back to “a phone that plugs into a wall”...after a dreadful experience with our last VoIP system, and I’ve heard not a word of complaint since we connected with Conversant. "

Jo Marsden
Finance and Adminstration Manager








"When we first heard about Conversant we were hesitant as they were not based in Hawkes Bay and we had been let down from our previous supplier. We now consider Conversant an essential part of our everyday business and when competitors come knocking to offer services we say "if it doesn't fit with the services that Conversant offers we are not interested!"

Conversant delivered on all of their promises of a quality service for a reasonable price. Furthermore, if we need any changes to our services they are done in a timely and proficient manner.

Black & White have referred new business to Conversant with confidence, what better recommendation do you need than that!"

David Cheetham

Black & White Accounting Limited


“We are a small company that support our software products by phone. We used to have mobile bills of over $1000 a month because we had no other way of ensuring the phone always got answered. However, now with a smart and price effective PABX solution, calls can always find us whether we are in the office or out and our combined phone bill has dropped to an average of around $300 per month.

After having already enjoyed the huge leap in features from having had only direct dial numbers, to that of a hosted PABX, I was excited to find that we could replace our old extortionately priced international free calling number, with local calling numbers in our overseas markets, and this was only for the token price of registering the number. The number just plugged directly into our hosted PABX infrastructure. So now our overseas customers can call us at their own local calling rates, and we no longer wince when the bill arrives.

Having built a small business, I was often on the front line of our product support and faced the consequences of how much of my time this consumed. This was difficult to change while our small company ran without any PABX type functionality. Enter Conversant. Using their C-Vox hosted PABX, incoming calls are now automatically directed to appropriate staff members so that I get involved only when I’m needed.

I was continually thinking of ways our phone services could be improved and I even went to the lengths of suggesting these ideas to our previous telco providers. However it seems the big telcos have no interest in solving small business needs and our requests fell on deaf ears. This is where Conversant has been totally different in their attitude. Things that I have been trying to do for years, I can now do with Conversant, e.g: I now have one voicemail box for my mobile and landline, and what’s more, I get emailed my voicemails!! Totally convenient. They are working on a ‘Fax to Email’ feature for us as well. In short, they have a can do attitude!

I’ve been impressed by how easy it is to maintain our PABX. I set up an alternative configuration very easily. When I’m traveling, the PABX will ring my mobile before going to voicemail, rather than ringing the landline first. I was also able to buy an overseas local number and get this connected to our PABX in about 20 mins! An instant overseas office.

It has been the little extras Conversant offer that have made the big difference  - beyond the huge price advantage. Things such as a unified voicemail system, call recording to monitor our support calls, on-line call records and so on.”

Simon Lampen

Vinsight Software


"We found Conversant online and were immediately impressed with the professionalism displayed, but more importantly with the simplicity and openness of their pricing as compared with other options we were considering.  The new telephone technology can seem complex but Conversant keep it simple.  We have businesses in several cities throughout New Zealand, so the technology is ideal.  Virtually whatever you can dream, you can do with Conversant.  The features have unified our businesses and made our organisation more efficient.  And best of all, we are saving money on our monthly costs."

Olivia Mishriki

Sanderson Group


"We have been using Conversant...and it’s the one of the best decisions we have made. Our initial venture into the VoIP world with another product was an absolute disaster and really hampered our business so we were a little apprehensive in going down that path again.  But the Conversant system has been awesome, the voice quality is good and consistant, the features of the virtual PABX are better than any high end expensive PABX and the ease of use is excellent. We would be happy to recommend this service and we would be happy to discuss our experience if you would like to give us a ring."

Paula Dawson

CAT Group



“Conversant’s products are perfectly aligned for my business - where traditional telco offerings were not flexible enough to suit the unique geographical issues that I face.  The team at Conversant listened to my complex needs and came up with a tailored solution to enable me to seamlessly service my clients in a cost effective manner.

I’ve been able to pick and choose from the product suite as my business needs have evolved and the team have provided exceptional support to enable smooth transitions to each additional service.  All issues that arise are dealt with effectively and efficiently in a very professional manner.

Conversant act more as a partner than a supplier and now anticipate my telco needs almost before they arise.”

Greg Byers B.Com, Dip. BA, CA

Director - Frank Accounting


"We have recently moved into much bigger premises with more staff and needed a visible phone system that would grow with us. We also did not want to be tied to one of the major phone providers.

Conversant made the change as easy as possible, helping with the move from our previous telephone and email provider with the minimum of inconvenience.

They have been great to work with from the beginning and provided information on installation and were helpful with early teething problems. These were sorted with no extra cost to us. I would highly recommend Conversant as they know their business and are always just a call away and are ready to help."

Debbie Stevens

Nelson & Co


“Conversant VoIP services have been integrated into all aspects of our operations and are now an integral part of our group business. We have deployed 16 phones across multiple locations and enjoy an excellent and powerful set of features and benefits of a hosted VoIP system. The cost / return multiple is clear and tangible.

As we have grown Conversant has worked with us to understand our needs, customise solutions and provide additional services and functionalities.  We are able to easily deploy additional phones as required and setup new services to meet our changing needs.

Conversant service has been excellent and issues are always addressed in a timely and effective manner. Staff training has been extremely beneficial and this in turn allows us access to backend functionalities which provide us with powerful tools which we exploit to control Conversant’s various VoIP services and solutions...and when, on occasion, we have ‘broken’ the system, the Conversant team has always quickly worked with us to resolve any resulting issues.

Conversant services and systems are extremely cost effective but even better than that, we are able to access and deploy new functionalities, services and solutions not available for any money in the traditional telecom environment.”

James Heyward, Director

Making MoviesLakeridge Condos and Aerialfilm

"We are getting a much higher pick up rate with the Conversant system because we don't have the limit of only 3 lines. It's really good - sometimes we have about 7 of us on the phone at the same time and we are not getting jammed up any more with people just not being able to get through to us. I have also done a comparison on costs between Jan 2013 with Conversant and our old system in Jan 2012. Even though our business has grown around 10% increased turnover in the year, the telecommunications costs have been halved. We have also eliminated PABX service and hire costs with an overall saving of $962 for the month"

Quinovic Johnsonville

"We have no hesitation in offering a testimonial for Conversant as the experience we have had with them has been superb.

Their technology is robust and has all the features we need, but it is from a customer service perspective that Conversant really show themselves to be without peer. When called upon, we have found them to be incredibly responsive and helpful, and they are always willing and able to go the extra mile to make sure that we are well-served by the mission-critical service that they provide."

Dean Armstrong 



"I have been using Conversant's services for about 2 years now and am thrilled with the results. Firstly the customer service has been outstanding, they are always willing to help in anyway and very patient especially when dealing with pregnant/breastfeeding mothers! I run 2 businesses with about 4 different phone numbers to take care of, Conversant made this very easy for me to manage and I love that my messages can come straight to my inbox. I am also able to re-direct calls to my business partner who is in Australia to take care of when I am busy.

The best thing is the cost reductions. My phone bill has decreased at least by half, if not more. I cannot recommend the team at Conversant more highly, they are friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile."

Natasha Berman
Managing Director

Quintessence and Allergenics



"All working perfectly. I must say we have been very impressed with Conversant and we will be recommending it"

Bill Taylor

Multilink Cabling


"We worked with Conversant to set up our phone system using VoIP for our small business in Whangarei. The service we received was great, they explained everything very well and had the system set up in no time.

We have only had the phone system for 6 months but has been working great so far. Whenever I have a query, the team at Conversant are only an email away and still providing us with reliable service."

Rowena Hanger
Admin Manager

Professional Real Estate Whangarei


"I can't express how well Conversant respond to any queries. VERY much appreciated - especially when I'm not the most techno-savvy person around!

Our old phone system was very tired and had none of the modern technology of modern phones. Whilst looking for a new phone system, we were given the Conversant details and contacted them to discuss the options available with a VoIP hosted PABX system. Although very sceptical, I did talk with Conversant and also obtained the details of some existing customers to find out how they found the system. All of their clients were up front with their views clearly defining both positive and possible negatives, although I have to say the positives far out-weighed any negatives.

We took the plunge and went with Conversant's VoIP system. By choosing the option, we saved thousands of dollars in hardware and have reduced our calling costs. The set-up of the phones ran VERY smoothly and did not interfere with the day to day working of our company. The support Conversant has provided us with since inception cannot be faulted. Any queries or "tweeks" have been dealt with fast and efficiently. I can highly recommend Conversant to any company looking to purchase or upgrade their phone system."

Barbara Goodall

Practec Limited


"Conversant has given us flexibility with regards to our phone and fax services. We are a small IT firm and like all the bells and whistles when it comes to technology and in the case of our phone system, we couldn't justify spending the required money to integrate an on-premises phone system. T

The Conversant C-Vox cloud service gives us all of the features plus more of an on-premises system. When we have any issue, we are able to phone the team and work through it.

We are very happy with our move to Conversant and would recommend to anyone looking for a hosted VoIP system."

Matthew Sharman
IT Consultant

Revolution IT Limited



"Conversant has delivered an easy to use VoIP solution that gives us the flexibility of a monthly service with the professionalism of a corporate phone system. Conversant have been quick to respond to any of our requests and the voice quality has been reliable and better quality than we originally anticipated from a VoIP system. We wish the Conversant team the best in migrating clients over to the flexibility and cost savings that VoIP can offer."

David Inggs


“The team at Conversant listened to my complex needs and came up with a tailored solution to enable me to seamlessly service my clients in a cost effective manner.”

Greg Byers (B.Com, Dip. BA, CA), Director
Cabbage Tree Consulting Limited

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"We rely on our telecommunication system to make sure we can help businesses all over New Zealand. Call quality and reliability is paramount to us and our phone system represents one of our biggest expenses. With a call centre continuously calling 8 hours a day it is vital that we do not have drop outs or poor reception especially when everyone is on the phone. Even though we are saving money compared to Telecom, we are happy because Conversant delivered what they promised and has proven to be a very professional business with fantastic follow up service. Our job was slightly different to most and the team at Conversant were there throughout the process to make sure it went through smoothly. We highly recommend Conversant to any business that is looking to take up VoIP."

Jason Carboni
General Manager

NoCowboys Limited