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The flexibility and cost-effectiveness of a Conversant C-Vox hosted PBX has enabled Mindfull to keep its people connected, while giving it the freedom to grow without constraints.

To support a rapidly growing business and people based in locations across New Zealand, as well as offshore, Mindfull needed to revamp its phone system to keep its team connected.

Mindfull, a Business Intelligence  consultancy specialising in improving business performance through business intelligence and analytics, with offices in Auckland and Wellington, as well as people working on projects in the Philippines and Thailand, and increasingly from home and other remote locations.

To enable effective communications between its growing and geographically distributed team, Mindfull needed additional extensions and conference calling facilities.

However, the company realised upgrading and expanding its existing phone system to support its expansion would be prohibitively expensive and would not give it the flexibility it needed for future growth.

Having faced constraints with its former system Mindfull was not willing to invest money in analogue infrastructure to gain the new functionality it needed from its phone system. 

Mindfull's management team decided not to let their choice of phone system determine how to run their business. Instead, they decided that the way they run their business should determine the choice of phone system.

The business therefore decided a hosted VoIP system was the best technology option, and decided a Conversant’s C-Vox hosted PBX solution would meet its requirements.


Freedom to grow

VoIP has given Mindfull the flexibility and cost-effectiveness it needed to keep its people connected regardless of their location, while its growth was not restricted by capital expenditure on hardware.

Since moving to VoIP, Mindfull has nearly doubled in size from 20 to 40 staff and has never felt constrained by the system, no matter how fast it grew.

“C-Vox is a cost effective alternative to replacing an on premise phone system. It is easy to maintain and to add or remove extensions when required,” says Mindfull sales director Richard Johnson.

The system has enabled hassle-free communications between teams working in varied locations, which has increased productivity and removed concerns over calling costs.

C-Vox has given Mindfull’s staff the freedom to communicate without having to worry about calling costs, which means they can just focus on getting the job done.


Hassle-free conference calling

The Conversant system has also given Mindfull access to cost-effective conference calling, which has become an integral communications tool at the company.

Its conference lines are in great demand and used extensively. Without VoIP the company would have to use a third party supplier for conference calling, which would’ve been far more expensive.

The system has also allowed Mindfull to provide more of its people with their own extensions, while calls can be transferred seamlessly between different locations.

With C-Vox they Mindfull has an integrated switchboard. People can call either the Auckland or Wellington numbers and be transferred to the person they need to reach automatically, eliminating the burden of “telephone duty”.

Even off-shore team members have their own extensions and can dial into conference calls at minimal cost.


Professional support

Another benefit of the Conversant system is that Mindfull was not locked into a long-term contract. But the service provided by Conversant means Cortell has remained a customer for over five years.

Meanwhile, working with an experienced provider like Conversant helped ensure a successful implementation.

“Having worked with Conversant for a number of years, we have found them friendly and informative when it comes to their services offered. Working with Conversant is uncomplicated and hassle free,” says Johnson.

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“We needed a system that would let us increase the number of lines at any time and would be cost effective. Conversant provided us with exactly that. We now have a reliable phone system with 4 lines and full PABX functionality for about what we were paying for just 1 line.”

Paul Rollin, DRG Technologies Ltd