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A Conversant hosted PABX delivered all the functionality of Leading Solutions’ legacy telecommunications platform but without of the cost and complexity.

What happens when you’ve got a complex phone system with full call centre capability that you no longer require but still want to use? This was the challenge that led Leading Solutions, an innovative product security and merchandising company, to contact Conversant.

Leading Solutions’ sister company previously operated a contact centre for one of its clients and when the contract ended, it decided to retain the technology for its own business use.

With the advantage of having 100 direct lines at its disposal, Leading Solutions was keen to hold onto the functionality offered by the system, but not the cost and complexity of maintaining it.

“We wanted to move onto a different telecommunications platform that was supported by just one provider and offered a reduction in cost, while still keeping the great functionality of the current system,” says Leading Solutions general manager John Lennox.

Leading Solutions started to investigate its options and came across Conversant in the best of ways – a referral from a current happy customer.

“I was visiting one of our suppliers and just happened to notice they had IP phones and asked who provided their system,” says Lennox.

Conversant clearly defined how the new system would operate and what it would provide, and it quickly became clear that Leading Solutions could get most – if not all – of its current telephony platform’s features on a Conversant hosted PABX system.


Significant cost savings and flexibility

The Conversant system has delivered several business benefits for Leading Solutions, including substantial cost savings, greater flexibility for staff and the assurance of always being contactable. 

Leading Solutions’ previous hardware-based telephony system was complex and costly to maintain, as several providers were required to support it.

By moving to Conversant’s cloud-based platform the company now deals with just one provider, resulting in significant cost savings, which have made the business more competitive due to lower overheads.

Further, enabling staff to work remotely and in different physical locations has been a major benefit for Leading Solutions.

Employees can now plug in and immediately access the phone system over the internet from wherever they are.

“This not only minimises disruption, but also allows our team to get out there and do what they need to do for customers regardless of where they’re located,” says Lennox.

The true test of the system came when Leading Solutions recently relocated part of its business. As it turned out, shifting the phone system across to the new premises was the simplest and most seamless part of the move, says Lennox.

“We simply unplugged the phones at the old location and re-plugged them back in at the new location, which already had an internet connection.”


Low risk of being offline

An added advantage of a cloud-based phone system, is never being offline, says Lennox.

“In the rare instances that the internet is down, all it takes is a quick cellphone call to Conversant and everything is diverted to mobile,” he says.

“There are no lost calls, no missed business or unhappy clients.”

Lennox has nothing but praise for the superb customer service Leading Solutions has received from Conversant, most notably from customer relationship representative, Logan Jessop.

“Logan did absolutely everything that he could to make sure the system was 100% perfect for us.”  

Being able to test the Conversant offering with a 30-day trial was a big positive for Leading Solutions, says Lennox.

“We appreciated the opportunity to see how the Conversant system fitted in with our business and what tweaks were needed before we decided to commit,” says Lennox. 

And how will the Conversant system fit with Leading Solutions’ future plans?

“We’ll certainly be doing more with cloud-based applications in order to capitalise on the essential flexibility they offer. So the Conversant system will fit in very well with our future direction,” says Lennox. 

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“We’ll certainly be doing more with cloud-based applications – the Conversant system will fit in very well with our future direction.”

John Lennox, Leading Solutions