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The NoCowboys phone system runs red-hot all day long. Moving to a Conversant hosted PABX has enabled the business to reduce costs and respond to customers faster.

It might be a web-based business, but for NoCowboys the humble phone call remains a critical part of its business.

NoCowboys provides an online channel for consumers to find and rate tradespeople and service providers, while it offers a service for trades and service providers that allows them to capture customer referrals and reviews.

With almost 37,000 online ratings, the NoCowboys call centre runs red-hot all day with businesses wishing to create or update listings.

Due to this reliance on telecommunications, the company needed a phone system that could grow with the business and, crucially, was also cost-effective.

In fact, reducing call costs was one of main motivations for NoCowboys switching to VoIP when it opted for a Conversant C-Vox hosted PABX platform.

But the company soon found the benefits went beyond financial, says General Manager Jason Carboni.

“Initially it was purely a monetary thing for us. We have people on the phone all day long,” he explains.

“However, with the amount of extra ability we have with VoIP, it has become a great tool.”


Improved availability

Being available to its customers is crucial to the businesses – a missed call means lost revenue.

Its hosted phone system lets NoCowboys respond faster to requests from customers for changes to their directory listings.

With its previous traditional PABX system, calls from customers requesting listing changes received after hours or during weekends would go to voicemail. They could only be processed once messages were cleared on the following business day.

As a result it could take up to three working days to update listings.

With the Conversant hosted PABX, NoCowboys can access voicemail messages online remotely at any time.

“We no longer have to physically be in the office to clear messages. This has made us far more responsive to our customers,” says Carboni.

“As soon as a voicemail is received, we get an email notification and can action a customer’s request in a matter of minutes.”


Greater visibility

Another key area where the Conversant system has proved its worth, is its web-based reporting, which has put operational and performance statistics at Carboni’s fingertips. 

“I can now access live figures on call volumes, call time or downtime at any time, from anywhere,” he says.

This gives Carboni detailed and real-time insight into the business’ operations.

“I was away for 10 days recently and could see exactly what everyone was doing by logging into the phone system”, says Carboni. 

“This is unbelievable for management in terms of saving time. We couldn’t do that with a traditional PABX system.”

In the past, the company would receive monthly reports on call volumes and activity, which would take hours to analyse manually.

Meanwhile, the Conversant system also offers managers the ability to listen in on calls in real time, enabling them to give feedback to staff on the spot. This has allowed NoCowboys to improve staff performance and customer service.


Fast, efficient implementation

The implementation of the C-Vox platform was efficient and quick, thanks to a hands-on approach by the Conversant team, reports Carboni.

“Conversant were really interested in what we wanted. They listened to us and made us feel comfortable and took the time to understand our business needs,” he says. 

With its telecommunications services managed by Conversant, the management team can really focus on business growth. 

“Conversant’s hosted PABX system has allowed us to save time and has given us access to real-time information, so that ultimately we can grow faster. The time of being slow is over!” says Carboni.

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“With Conversant we have a reliable phone system with 4 lines and full PABX functionality for about what we were paying for just 1 line.”

Paul Rollin, DRG Technologies Ltd