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Hosted phone system enables Business Sales New Zealand to achieve a minimalist, modern working environment.

Business brokerage service Business Sales New Zealand (BSNZ), trading as LINK Auckland-Wairau Valley, was established in 2007. BSNZ’s growth over the years has been the result of the company’s investment in technology and a passion for bringing businesses and buyers together.

Maintaining such a solid reputation as the authority on selling businesses requires staying ahead of competitors in all areas – and a sound IT infrastructure is a crucial part of the company’s strategy.


A need for freedom and flexibility

BSNZ recently moved premises and wanted a more simplistic and modern office at its new location, says operations manager Bonnie Wells.

“We decided we didn’t want any wiring or patch panels at all. We wanted to discard all our servers and go totally virtual and wireless for all our IT and telecommunications,” she adds.

The company wanted to transform its entire phone system and move to a virtual system which would give its brokers the freedom and flexibility they needed to become more efficient. 

With brokers making large volumes of phone calls, BSNZ relies heavily on its network capabilities. The goal of a minimalist, modern office could not compromise the stability of the network, which could potentially cost the business a lot of money in lost revenue.

After some research, the company came across Conversant.

“We got in touch and they were really good to deal with,” says Wells.

“We first went back to our original provider and they came up with some ideas but they didn’t quite match what we were looking for. Conversant did.”


Simple, cost effective solution

Conversant worked with BSNZ to put a plan together, which ensured the new network setup was ready as soon as the brokers moved into the new office.

“It was all really quick to set up,” says Wells.

BSNZ now no longer needs expensive PABX boxes, as Conversant hosts and manages the entire phone system for them.

“The beauty is that the Conversant system has all the functionality of our old system, including call redirecting and voicemail, but it’s a lot simpler and cost efficient,” says Wells.

“VoIP allows our workers to be more mobile. They can be out of the office and still get their messages.”

Conversant’s support means BSNZ can focus on its core business without having to worry about things working in the background. Wells often asks Conversant for help with different things – figuring out how to transfer faxes, setting up new users, changing voicemails – and the team is always a phone call away.

“Recently a broker needed a conference call with four people. We called Conversant and they sent us instructions – no need for training or anything, it’s quite simple,” she says.

Wells also highlights the painless billing system as another big benefit: “Before, it was always a lengthy process for reporting.”


Staying ahead

“What we love about Conversant is that they are already planning the next step,” says Wells.

“We like to be ahead of the competition when it comes to technology.”

The next upgrade is already being planned and Wells says this is a partnership for the future.

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