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Cash Converters

Retail chain converts to Conversant hosted PABX to support swift expansion and enable seamless communications

Opening on average between six and 10 new stores across New Zealand a year, Cash Converters needed to remove as much complexity as possible to ensure the success of its rapid growth. With all the complications involved in establishing new stores quickly, the retail chain certainly did not want its phone system to be an obstacle to its expansion. It therefore decided to move onto a cloud hosted phone system, provided by Conversant.


One less obstacle to growing

Simplicity was a key driver for adopting the Conversant system, says Cash Converters head of group legal and technology, Andrew Kamp.

“Moving to Conversant allowed us to deal with fast growth a lot easier than with a traditional PABX,” he says.

“A major consideration was the ability to add sites and users at a relatively rapid pace without too much hassle or administration at our end. Knowing that setting up the phone system won’t be complicated, means we have one less thing to worry about when opening a new store. That is one less obstacle to growing.”

With Conversant’s hosted phone system adding users is as simple as plugging preconfigured handsets into the company’s network, which has helped Cash Converters support a tenfold increase in user numbers in 12 months, says Kamp.

Keeping its people across 20 stores throughout New Zealand, as well as offices in Auckland, Wellington and Adelaide, connected seamlessly is also vital to the business. As is supporting staff who work from home and travel frequently.

“We have people spread across the place and keeping everyone connected is very important,” says Kamp.

“The Conversant system has made communications between our stores and offices in New Zealand and Australia really simple. It doesn’t matter if someone is working remotely or travelling – people can dial their extension directly or transfer calls as if they were in the same office. There is no need to dial an external or international number.”


Simple and easy, but with control

Before moving to the Conversant cloud PABX, the company did consider opting for an on-premise system, which its IT team would have been very capable of supporting. However, the simplicity of the Conversant offering won it over.

Says Kamp: “The Conversant hosted system is just simple and easy. We don’t need to devote any of our internal resources to running the PABX, but we still have control over the elements we want through the Conversant Control Panel. So we can self-service as much as we want, but don’t need to get stuck into the technical details of administrating a PABX.”

In addition, Cash Converters chose Conversant over larger providers because of the personal level of service it was able to offer, says Kamp.

“It was important for us to go with a provider who has more of a personal touch and could pay more attention to what we needed to do and how wanted to set up our system,” he says.

“With Conversant we’re not just one of thousands of other customers. They have helped customize a solution that actually works for us. We’ve pushed the boundaries of the service a few times, but Conversant has always been able to help us in a timely manner.”

Overall, being with Conversant has been an amazing experience for Cash Converters, adds Kamp.

“We have been really happy with the service. It’s been smooth and easy, and they’ve helped us support our growth, which would’ve been a bit more complex and expensive with a traditional PABX.”

“The Conversant hosted system is just simple and easy. We can self-service as much as we want, but don’t need to get stuck into the technical details of administrating a PABX.”

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"If you look at the cost of calling, we slashed it by 50%, compared to solutions where I had to invest into hardware and maintenance"

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