More flexible, for less

Anne Street Medical Centre


The reliability and flexibility of Conversant’s C-Vox hosted PABX service assures Anne Street Medical Centre is always there for its patients.

As an integral part of its local community in the Auckland suburb of Devonport, it is essential to Anne Street Medical Centre that it is contactable by its patients at all times.

However, this was something that its traditional PABX system could not guarantee 100% of the time. Power outages and maintenance breaks all affected the uptime of the centre’s old phone system. These issues are no longer a concern for Anne Street Medical Centre – ever since it moved to a Conversant C-Vox hosted PABX service.

With C-Vox, all updates take place in the cloud without an impact on uptime or service quality, and because it is a virtual phone system, calls can easily be diverted to staff mobile phones in the event of a power outage or loss of internet connection.

This has given Anne Street Medical Centre peace of mind that it will always be there for its customers, says practice manager Jackie Copp. “Being a medical centre, having our phones out is a big issue. For an organisation like ours it is very important to have a reliable phone system and to be able to answer calls promptly,” says Copp. “Unlike our old PABX, the Conversant system has been very reliable. Being a VoIP system, with Conversant calls are diverted to our mobile phones during power cuts or the odd connection issue, allowing us to maintain our communications. We were not able to do that before.”


Flexibility & convenience

While the centre does at times get overwhelmed by high volumes of calls, the VoIP system offers greater flexibility in how calls are directed or what message are playing to people waiting on the line.

“We only have so many people to answer phones. The Conversant system does offer a better answering service than our old system to help us manage busy times easier. It is more flexible in terms of how calls are handled and what messages we can have on our phones,” Copp says.

This facility also allows Anne Street Medical Centre to record customised messages, such as providing tips and advice at specific times like the flu season, or updating information on opening hours during holiday periods.

“One of the biggest benefits of the Conversant system is the fact that its internet based. We can log on to the website and change the phones to go to the after-hours answering service,” says Copp.

“Being able to do that remotely is very convenient. I’ve even turned the phone system on and off from a bach in the Marlborough Sounds before!”


Local support

What won Anne Street Medical Centre over to Conversant was that it was not only a New Zealand-based provider, but that it was also located in Devonport.

Acknowledging that there’s some irony to signing up to a cloud-services provider because it’s based around the corner, Copp says this has been beneficial.

“Having Conversant just down the road is very convenient for us. Initially when we had some setup issues they could just run down the road to help out – it was great! You won’t get that kind of customer service with a larger, more remote provider,” says Copp.

“Being with Conversant is like having a boutique telco provider.”

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"The Conversant system has made everything a lot more flexible. It lets us run the business from anywhere – customers get their calls answered no matter where our people are.”

David O'Donoghue, Managing Director, Power Electronics