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Why businesses trust Conversant

We recently conducted a customer survey to see if we are doing things right for our customers and users. These are the highlights:


  • What we wanted to understand was what our customers thought of us throughout our customer relationship lifecycle – from sales to set-up to the support desk experience. We also wanted to know if our customers are satisfied with the overall quality and reliability of our cloud service.
  • Overall, the results showed that the majority of customers surveyed are satisfied with the quality, reliability and features of our service, as well as how we help get them set-up and how we support them.
  • One of the most pleasing results was that the majority of customers rated the call quality of their Conversant cloud-hosted PBX highly.
  • As you can see in the diagram below, 35% of respondents said the call quality of our service was excellent, while a further 36% rated it as very good, and 23% said it was good. While 6% said call quality could be better, we had no-one saying it was bad!

  • What this result means is that 71% of respondents gave us a four or five star rating for call quality. That shows for most of our customers, VoIP call quality, is as good as, if not better than, traditional fixed-line voice services.
  • Another positive result was how reliable customers found our hosted PBX service. As you can see below, over 77% of respondents rated the reliability of our service as excellent or very good, with a further 17% rating it as good. Only 6% felt reliability could be better, and this is something we are constantly working on improving.


  • In terms of how customers found the set up experience of their Conversant hosted PBX, 47% of respondents rated the experience as very good, with a further 24% as excellent.


  • While not all customers surveyed had made use of our support desk, over 80% of those who did rated the experience as excellent or very good. This is another pleasing result, as we believe exceptional support is a key differentiator between Conversant and other providers.


  • Meanwhile, 35% of respondents said the overall experience of dealing with Conversant is excellent and 51% rated it as very good.


  • We also asked customers if they you would recommend our services to their colleagues or friends, and over 78% percent said they would be likely or very likely to do so.


  • We’ve been working hard to achieve the high ratings this customer survey reflects. But of course, there is always room for improvement and respondents also shared plenty of ideas for how we can do things better.
  • This means we still have more work to do, as we’re committed to continue improving the quality of our offerings, service and support. We’ll keep you updated on these developments in future posts.
  • In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you if you have any comments on what we’re doing well or suggestions for what we could do better.


"I can’t imagine going back to the big providers where the charges are so much more and they just don’t offer the features that we have."

Murray Thompson, Christians Against Poverty