Big service, small price

Responsible business

At Conversant we want people to aspire to work for us. And for people to be proud they are our customers.  This means we take our responsibilities seriously. 

Our commitment to our team

  • Our team is fabulous so we look after them. If you work for Conversant we’ll let you work from home when we can, be flexible when you have family commitments and subsidise the cost of your gym membership or exercise class. 
  • We’ll support your involvement as a volunteer with not-for-profit groups and contribute to the cost if you use public transport to come to work.


Our commitment to our community

  • We can always do something extra special to help out not-for-profit groups and school with their phone systems. 


Our commitment to our planet

  • One of the reasons we love virtual phone systems is the materials and waste they avoid. Our phone systems reduce the waste of every business having their own PABX, and help our customers reduce their travel. 
  • We avoid travelling ourselves, we support our team working from home and subsidise them to use public transport.
  • We don’t pretend to be greener than we are - our business depends on electronics and air conditioning - but we do our best to minimise our impact by using computing resources efficiently. And as soon as someone in Australia offers a data-centre as energy efficient as this one, we’ll use it.


Our commitment to our customers

  • We want to be your phone company forever. This means we’ll always go the extra mile for you – and always leave you free to leave.
  • We won’t lock you into contracts, but we will do our best to earn your loyalty.

If you’d like to find out more about a company that’s passionate to connect you, contact us today.


"I have been overseas travelling for the last month and found the convenience of the voip phone in my computer absolutely indispensable. I cannot praise this system highly enough!"

Clare Feeney, Environmental Communications Ltd