Big service, small price

Our service promise

Whatever size your business, wherever your people work, we can give you a phone service you’ll love

Transparent pricing

  • At Conversant all our pricing is publically available on our website including our volume and not-for-profit discounts.
  • Many of our competitors will price according to their assessment of the customer so you never know if you're getting the best deal until you threaten to leave when you'll suddenly be offered a better deal.
  • Save money up-front by switching to Conversant!


Service commitment

  • Over 99% of our customers are contracted to Conversant services on a monthly basis so it's easy for them to leave.
  • This creates a strong incentive for us to deliver the best possible service every day.
  • Many of our competitors require long-term contracts which are used to pay sales commissions and subsidise hardware costs leaving the customer with very little leverage to get quality ongoing service. Be careful - we've heard the horror stories.

Find out more about by giving us a call or sign up today with a 30-day money back guarantee. 


"Conversant has delivered an easy to use VoIP solution that gives us the flexibility of a monthly service with the professionalism of a corporate phone system."

David Inggs, VMOB New Zealand