User Interface

There's now a single interface where you can carry out all of your account and phone system administration. Click on the cog in the top right next to your name to access teh Control Centre where you can perform any account administration. This is where you can perform many of the tasks from the old console. You can review inbound and outbound call records and costs. Click on invoices and payments to get a printable copy of your invoices and view your account balance. You can also maintain credit card details. 

Account plans
Before adding a user, or device, first check your account plans to make sure that you've purchased sufficient licences. You can add an account plan or edit an existing plan to adjust quantities as required. 

The app store
Click on Apps to reveal a list of functionality that can be used to administer the phone system. 

PBX administration
To make changes to the phone system you can either use the familiar Callflows app or the new Smart PBX. Callflows is similar to the old interface where you can make changes to call routing (Callflows), Add Devices, and Add Users. 

Adding a user. 
You can also add a user through Smart PBX. Specify the name, login, password and extension number. This will automatically create the callflow and voicemail box. You can also send voicemail messages to a different email address.

Call recordings
To access call recordings, click on Call logs, find the call that you're interested in and then click on the Call Recording link.