Set up Call Recording


In this demonstration we'll look at how to set up the system to record all calls. 

First of all create a new callflow. Give the callflow a number of 9999 so that it's easily identifiable. Drag the Start Call Recording element onto the callflow. Choose the format that the calls will be recorded in and then enter the URL where the call recording file will be sent to. 

To use Conversant to store the call recordings, enter the URL as

You can get your account id from the control centre main screen. 

Enter the maximium time limit in seconds for the call recording. We recommend 3600 which will record calls for up to one hour.

The next step is to configure the account preflow to use the callflow that was just created. A preflow is processed first by every call and so is ideal for when call recording is required on every call. In the account section of the Control Centre edit the preflow, select the 9999 callflow that was just created and then Save Changes.

Now all calls will be recorded and are accessible by clicking on the Call Logs section of Smart PBX.