Set up Call Forwarding


There are three ways to change the call forwarding settings:
1. through the phone
2. through C-App
3. through the UI

To set up call forwarding via the phone dial *72. You'll be prompted to enter the phone number and press #. Once you've done that calls will be forwarded. To turn off call forwarding dial *73

To set up call forwarding through C-App. 
Download C-App from the Android Play store or from the Apple Appstore
Once logged in choose Call Forwarding. Turn call forwarding on and enter the number to which calls should be forwarded. You can choose to ring your desk phone as well, and whether to pass the callers phone number on to the number that you've forwarded to. Don't forget to Save.
When you want to turn call forwarding off, just set it to off.

To set up call forwarding through the web interface
Navigate to Apps, Smart PBX, Users
Select the user features column next to the user that you want to change call forwarding for
Select the call forwarding button and choose Enabled. Enter the number to forward calls to. If only direct calls should be forwarded choose that option. Calls that are sent to the user as part of a ring group for example will not be forwarded.