Invoices and Call Costs


In this demonstration we'll look at how to review account invoices and payments in your Conversant cloud phone system as well as how to view your call records. 

To view invoice and payment details navigate to the control centre by clicking on the cog in the top right of the screen.

Click on Invoices and Payments and you'll see a list of both invoices and payments. You see a total of invoices and payments over the life of the account as well as the current balance. To search for a specific item type something in the search box and press enter. Click on a column name to sort the data according to that item such as document number or date. You can also choose to view only invoices or payments by clicking on the Invoices or Payments button.

A printable version of invoices is available by clicking on the pdf icon next to the invoice you're interested in. You can print or download the invoice once it opens.

To view call records, from within the control centre click on Carrier Call Records. Choose the phone number that you're interested in from the Billing Party drop-down. Then choose the period that you're interested in reporting on. There are quick buttons for today, this week or this month. Alternatively choose custom to choose a specific date range, or to search for calls to or from a specific number.

The arrow on the left hand side indicates whether the call is inbound or outbound. A green down arrow for inbound and an orange up arrow for outbound. 

Click on the download link to get a csv copy of the call records for further analysis.