How to use Browserphone

The browserphone is a telephone built in to Chrome and Firefox on computer, table and smartphone. It uses WebRTC so doesn't require any software to be installed. It's available when you're logged into the Conversant user interface. 

Making a call

  • Select the Toggle browserphone icon to show the browserphone dialpad
  • Enter numbers by typing on your keyboard or pressing the numbers on the dialpad
  • Select the green icon to dial the number
  • Once a call is in progress it may be placed on hold, muted or transferred
  • Select the red icon to end the call
  • Select logs to look at the call history 

Monitoring Contacts


  • To monitor the activity of other users in the organisation select contacts.
  • Select “Click here to add more contacts”.
  • Then select the users to monitor by ticking in the box next the name.
  • Then save the selection.

Expand Browserphone


To see the browserphone in a wider mode select the toggle sidebar and fullscreen buttons.

Browserphone Settings


  • Select options to update browserphone settings
  • If Do Not Disturb is selected then incoming calls won’t ring the browserphone
  • If Call Waiting is selected then incoming calls will ring the browserphone even if another call is ongoing
  • If Call Notifications is selected then incoming calls will pop a notification window even if the browser is hidden
  • If Mute Inbound Calls is selected then incoming calls won’t make an audible sound
  • If Call Popup is selected then incoming calls will open a browser window to the URL specified. A typical use for this is to look up a record in a CRM system based on the callerid.