How to Setup a Callflow Menu


In this video you will learn how to create a Menu (AKA Interactive Voice Response (IVR)) for your Conversant phone system.

First of all create the callflow you wish to configure the digital receptionist for. Drag the menu element onto the callflow and select add a new menu.

Give the menu a name and PIN number.

Tick allow caller to dial extensions to have callers enter an extension number directly within the menu.

To configure a default action (i.e. or hold for x option) select advanced and change Number of retries on misdial to 1, Timeout for dialling to 5 and tick supress playing of invalid entry.

Extension number length should be set to the number of digits in your extensions.

Select save once you have completed the above.

This will then return you to the callflow. To configure each option, drag the desired element (ring group, user etc.) onto the previously configured menu element.

Set the menu option via the dropdown to be what the caller should press to be put through to this option. Configure each option required in this manner.

To record the greeting that callers will hear, you can upload an mp3 previously created via the menu element or you can dial into the callflow and enter the PIN number previously configured and follow further instructions for recording this greeting.