Radius Accounting Endpoint

The calls endpoint's parameters are used to filter results. They are:

  • date_from: The beginning of the date range to get call records for. This may include a time. Required.
  • date_to: The end of the date range. This may include a time. Required.
  • billing_party: The phone number of the billed party, as per the numbers API endpoint. Required.
  • other: The phone number of the other party on the phone call. Optional.
  • billingId: The billing ID of the call. Optional.

The from and to parameters should be in dd-mm-yyyy format: 30-01-2015. If a specific time is required, enter in the format hh:mm:ss e.g. 03:49:00. For example 10-04-2016 04:54:00.

If date_from and date_to specify the same date, then the call records for that day (and that day only) are returned. An error message is returned if date_from is more recent than date_to.

billing_party and other should be formatted as per the numbers endpoint's response record.

Calls to/from NZ phone number 09 555 5555 in January 2013 in JSON format:

curl -i -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "X-Auth-Token: 1b1b1b1b1b11f799d89999e0ebcccceab" \


  • radAcctId Primary key: The unique identifier of a call record.
  • invoiceId Integer: May be used as the invoice ID in the invoices/ID/calls resource endpoint.
  • username String: Refers to the phone number of the billing party.
  • invoiceLineId Integer: is a reference to a line item in an invoice. Multiple call records may correspond to the same line item on the same invoice.

Other properties are self explanatory.

This is an example item from the data array in a response to the calls endpoint.

  "radAcctId": 123456789,
  "invoiceId": 1234567,
  "invoiceLineId": 123,
  "username": "649555555@conversant.co.nz",
  "billingId": "1234",
  "acctStartTime": "2013-01-30T09:58:15.000+13:00",
  "acctStopTime": "2013-01-30T09:58:47.000+13:00",
  "originNumber": "6495555555",
  "destinationNumber": "6439999999",
  "destination": "New Zealand Christchurch",
  "price": "0.0304",
  "rate": "Duration: 73 s\n         App: audio\n Destination: 649481\n    Customer: domain=conversant.co.nz\n Connect fee: 0.0000\n   StartTime: 2016-01-05 09:01:35\n--\n        Span: 1\n    Duration: 73 s\n   ProfileId: BS_X_1 / weekday\n      RateId: C. Business Saver 10 / 0-24h\n        Rate: 0.0260 / 60 s\n       Price: 0.0316"


There is no limit to the number of call records that will be returned. There are no paging features. Only calls from the past 3 months can be retrieved via this resource endpoint. Older calls may be accessed via the invoices/ID/calls resource endpoint.