• The QuickCall API allows you to generate a call from an internal device to an external phone number. The device will go off-hook automatically if it supports it.
  • QuickCall is useful if you're trying to create a click-to-call type application where a user can click a link and have their phone dial a number, possibly via a headset or speakerphone. The user can then pickup the phone once the call is ringing or after it's been answered, freeing the user to do other things while the call connects.



  • v1/accounts/{account_id}/{devices|users}/{device_id|user_id}/quickcall/{number_to_call}
  • Note: you can use either a device_id or user_id.
cid-number The Caller ID Number you wish to appear on the outbound call   yes no

GET   status, request_id, revision, data Initiate a click to call


  • Normal Response Code(s): 200
  • Error Response Code(s): 400, 401, 415, 500, 503, 504
  • To initiate a quickcall you can enter the appropriate URL directly into a browser e.g.