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Accounting and Legal Services

Are you struggling with limited features and unable to exploit new technology to make your business hum?

Advanced features, small price

  • Our high-end features and low per-user cost mean that no matter how big or small your firm, you can access new technology and features to put you on a level footing with anyone.
  • Call recording is included. You can save any recorded call files locally in customer folders, or leave them with us for up to 6 months, and keep track of any discussions you’ve had.
  • Conference calling is also free, and of course conferences can be recorded. Have clients and consultants dial in, or just keep it in the team.
  • Use IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and DDI’s to make sure incoming calls can be directed to the right person, even if reception is busy

Confidentiality is king

  • Voicemail via email lets clients leave messages that come straight to your inbox rather than waiting around on your phone. You can save them, or forward them to other staff for action if appropriate.
  • Receive faxes to an inbox as a PDF file, not as pages sitting in the fax machine. Low fax number costs mean that multiple fax numbers are now an option.
  • Send faxes from your laptop or anywhere else that you can access your email client.


Enhanced client access

  • With at least 5 inbound lines per number, engaged lines will be a thing of the past.
  • Unlimited outbound lines mean staff can make billable calls at any time, without waiting for a free line.
  • You can have more than one phone connected to your extension number, so you can make calls or receive calls from anywhere, exploiting all the features of your PBX service without necessarily being in the office.

For more information on how Conversant can help transform your business, email or call us. We'd love to hear from you!


"Conversant delivered on all of their promises of a quality service for a reasonable price. Further to this if we need any changes to our services they are done in a timely and proficient manner."

David Cheetham, Black & White Accounting Limited