Big service, small price

Constrained Growth?

If you’ve run out of extensions on your old PBX, or can’t get enough lines or numbers from your telco provider because of physical constraints, a cloud PBX is the perfect solution.

We've got you covered! 

If your customers can’t get through, or your staff are sick of waiting for a free line to call out on, we’ve got that covered too. We provide at least 5 lines on each phone number, unlimited lines on freecall numbers, plus unlimited lines for outbound calling. 

  • Don’t miss important calls because your lines are busy.
  • Free your staff and allow them to call out at any time, no matter how busy your phones are.
  • Increase the number of inbound lines as needed, even temporarily. No extra cables or wiring, no limits.

Unlimited scalability, whenever you want

Sometimes staff members don’t get access to their own extension number because the investment required to add capacity to a traditional PBX is too high, or because the staff are temporary (or might be!). With Conversant, just log into your online PBX interface and click “Add user”, or “Cancel” if you no longer need their extension number.

  • Make reaching all staff as easy and efficient as possible for a low, monthly per-user fee.
  • Ramp up staff numbers to deal with seasonal demand.
  • Lower the cost of your PBX when staff numbers go down.

If you want your phones to do something, the chances are, with Conversant, they can. Just contact us today to find out more.


“The team at Conversant listened to my complex needs and came up with a tailored solution to enable me to seamlessly service my clients in a cost effective manner. Conversant act more as a partner than a supplier and now anticipate my telco needs almost before they arise.”

Greg Byers, Cabbage Tree Consulting Limited