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Voyager is one of New Zealand’s fastest growing broadband and communication companies. Since integrating Conversant’s world leading VoIP technology into their voice offering, they have launched ‘Voyager Voice’.

Voyager Voice provides a truly flexible and scalable VoIP solution, built on the latest technology and designed to deliver cost savings through simple monthly pay per user pricing.

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Voyager Communications Software

Hero by Voyager is a set of communication applications which enable your employees to chat and collaborate via their desktop or mobile. 

Free for all Conversant customers, Hero opens up your voice and chat capabilities.

Hero for Desktop

From the user’s desktop, employees can instantly chat with colleagues in a private or group message, view and track location statuses, and manage voicemails, without using their phone hardware. You can access Hero for Desktop here.

Hero Mobile Application

Using the mobile application, users can also engage through text or persistent chat, edit their call settings, and listen to voicemails left on their desk phone. The app enables employees to work on the go, managing their Conversant phone system from their mobile device.

Install Now

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Hero for Desktop can be accessed here.

Features and Benefits

Both the mobile and desktop versions enables users to:

  • Manage call forwarding and do not disturb functions.
  • Chat with colleagues in a private or group chat.
  • View and track the location status of colleagues. 
  • Send images, videos and voice files through the chat.
  • Check and download call logs and history.
  • Access and manage voicemails.


App Tutorial


Desktop Tutorial

Let us know what you think!

We think Hero by Voyager is great, but we'd love to hear your feedback on Hero. What do you love about it, what features would you like to see next and what could we improve on? 

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