Software development

Our professional team of experienced software developers are experts in creating scalable, resilient, fault tolerant, elegant systems to meet the most demanding real time communications requirements. Our team has the following skills:

  • Erlang developers with specific skills in custom Kazoo development
  • Front-end Javascript developers using various frameworks including AngularJS, Bootstrap and Monster UI
  • Database management and administration using Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Telco billing application development in Java
  • Monitoring and analytics of critical infrastructure using various tools including Prometheus, Nagios, Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack.
  • Infrastructure management including devops tools such as Chef and Salt


Pre-built applications

Conversant custom Kazoo applications are pre-built, rigorously tested, and used in production environments by thousands:

  • Contacts - Create shared and private contacts lists. Edit, upload and download contacts. Import contacts from Google, Salesforce and Office 365 and keep contacts in sync.
  • Wallboard - Monitor and report on call centre activity in real-time. Subscribes to Blackhole events.
  • Call statistics - Visualise call length, wait time, and call volume by hour, day, week or month for inbound and/or outbound calls by user, ring group or callflow.
  • Account plans - Integrates with external billing systems to keep track of subscriptions and user entitlements. Enhances Kazoo services capability to perform quantity checks on entities such as users, devices, numbers and prevent users from performing actions without sufficient subscriptions.
  • Camel - Integrates with third party applications using Apache Camel
  • Browserphone - a WebRTC-based softphone with URL generation capability to pop a CRM window on an inbound call. Monitor the extension status of (BLF) other users. Review call logs.
  • Invoices - render beautiful telco-style invoices in the browser using Javascript. Invoices are visible without authentication using a URL. Printable and downloadable using pdf.

Custom apps may be licenced or modified to your requirements.