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• Your customers contact you using a normal phone.
• Use your existing number(s) or buy them from us including toll free, numbers in your city, other locations around the country and around the world.
• Your customised virtual receptionist can answer the call and allow your caller to select the relevant option.
• Record your own greeting or have one professionally recorded.

• You can choose to have your receptionist answer calls and direct the caller to the most appropriate person.

• If your caller knows an employee's extension number, they can dial it directly to be connected.
• Customers can also contact your employees directly through a direct dial number (DDI).
• Use your existing number or buy one from us.

• If an employee is unavailable or on the phone, the system can take a voice message.
• Employees are notified of messages by a visual indicator on their phone and a special dial tone.
• Optionally, notification can be by email and SMS.
• Messages can be retrieved via email, the web, or over the phone.

• C-Vox can send calls to a department (or "ring group") which will ring a number of extensions either in order or at the same time.
• Other employees in your company can answer a ringing phone by entering a special code to their phone.

• C-Vox can send calls to your departments using a feature called ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) Queues.
• Calls to the department are handled in the order that they arrive and always get to an available employee in that department.
• If everyone in the department is already on the phone, callers are placed on hold and routed to an employee as soon as they become available.
• Callers on hold hear music or a special message that you provide and are informed of the progress of their call.

• You can set flexible rules about what happens to calls when a department is really busy.
• When Sales is busy Customer Services handles the extra calls.

• Callers dial the extension number of the employee they want to reach.
• C-Vox tries all of the devices and phone numbers associated with the employee until the call is connected. This is called "follow me".

• Unlike a traditional phone system, you're not tied to your desk. You can take calls anywhere you want to work.

• You can set up a "virtual office" and employees can work anywhere they want.
• Customers are oblivious to the location of employees.
• Inbound and outbound calls are routed through C-Vox so comprehensive reporting is available.

• When an employee is on the phone, the caller is sent to voicemail to leave a message.

• When a call to an employee goes unanswered, the caller is sent to voicemail to leave a message.

• When a temporary message is recorded, callers hear that message instead of the standard voicemail messages.

• Employees can be notified when they receive a voicemail.
• Notification is by special dial tone or a visual indicator on the phone. They can also be received by email, or by text message.

There are three options for retrieving messages:
• Email: Voicemail messages are attached as an audio file (WAV).
• Web: Listen to or download any message from the C-Vox web site.
• Phone: Employees can listen to voicemail over the phone at any time whether in the office or not.

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"We’ll certainly be doing more with cloud-based applications – the Conversant system will fit in very well with our future direction.”

John Lennox, Leading Solutions