Take your calls anywhere

International Call Rates

With Conversant, you can call most major countries for just 5c per minute. You’ll save even more because we only charge by the second for calls over 1 minute long.

  • All rates are in NZD per minute, include GST and are rounded to 2 decimal places. Non-New Zealand tax residents will not be charged GST.
  • As an added saving, you will only be charged by the second for calls, after the first minute. We don’t round up to the nearest minute. For example, a call of 1 minute and 12 seconds will be charged at 1 minute 12 seconds rather than at 2 minutes.
  • Download the international calling rates.

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"Our staff can actually access the PABX from anywhere they have an internet connection, meaning we’re always in touch with our customers."

Todd Somervell, Trackit