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What kind of phone service do you need?

Is network cabling available to each phone location?

How many desktop VoIP phones will you need?

How many analogue devices do you have, e.g. EFT-POS terminals, monitored alarm.

How many phone numbers do you advertise? Consider that we include 5 inbound lines with each number, so you may want to cancel some of your existing numbers if you have them for capacity only. Please include NZ numbers, DDI.s, fax, international, 0800 etc. Eg. 1 main Auckland number, 1 fax number, 10 DDIs.

How many people and departments will need their own extension numbers?

For a FREE analysis showing how much you could save by moving to Conversant, please email a recent copy of your current phone bill to

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If you’d sooner not send us a bill, just answer the following extra questions and we’ll give you our best estimate of your savings.

How many and what type of phone lines do you currently have? Eg. 3 analogue / standard phone lines, 2 ISDN BRA connections, 3 Centrex lines

How many additional phone numbers will you need? For example, 2 blocks of DIDs.

What is your current internet traffic usage bandwidth speed? Eg, full speed 40GB per month, 1 MB with international traffic.

Calling minutes

Roughly how many minutes of calling does your business make each month?

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"Having worked with Conversant for a number of years, we have found them friendly and informative. Working with Conversant is uncomplicated and hassle free."

Richard Johnson, Cortell New Zealand